Sunday, November 23, 2008


This blog simply describe how to add pictures in Gmail body.Using this picture e-mail we can create a link to our website or blog.When the reader click the pictures then go to our website or blog.This is one of the simplest way of email marketing.

Upload image in the website or blog.

Edit the html part of the image.If you use the html part shown below and set the hyper link of the image as our target page.If you don't clear the page just click in it.

Edit the image url

Go to your blog or website.Select the picture you want to insert in Gmail and just copy it.

step 4:

Open Gmail and take compose mail.Then paste where you want to show the picture in the mail body.

pictre in gmail

Send this email to the clients.When the client click the pictures in the email then go to web page or blog set in the hyper link of the picture.Also use hyperlinks of your web page or blog in the email.Email send to more and more clients your web traffic will increase.